So what are you doing this summer?

Texas backroads farm stand
I'm blogging over at Not Quite Amish Living today, Five Things To Remember for Simple Summer Getaways

Hooray for summertime! Who’s with me? Time for a little unwinding, relaxation, time for “getting away” as a family.
We tend to sometimes try to do the biggest, best-est, most jam-packed activities during the summer because, well, we know—it doesn’t last forever, and “before you know it,” school days and regimented schedules are upon us once again.
Gone are the late nights, the adventures, and we don’t want to waste a single minute of those long hours of daylight.
Then it happens. You’ve heard it’s been said, “I need a vacation after my vacation.”
My sisters (and brethren), this simply need not be.  Read more here.

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