Welcome to Pinecraft ~

Last time I posted at InspyRomance, I wrote about Jacob Miller, my hero in A Season of Change, and how I “met” him, along with the village of Pinecraft. The place wiggled its way into my heart and hasn’t left. The village itself became a major character in A Season of Change.
So this time, I’d like to introduce you to Pinecraft. Pretend we’re flying into Tampa, Florida, and hopping into our rental car and heading an hour or so south, to Sarasota.
Pinecraft has the only Amish-run post office in the U.S. Here's the local message board (think Craigslist).
Pinecraft has the only Amish-run post office in the U.S. Here’s the local message board (think Craigslist).
Even before you turn onto bustling Bahia Vista Avenue, you’ll know you’re not in a place where you’d expect to find an Anabaptist settlement. You’re in Sarasota, Florida, a lively city of 52,000 on the Gulf Coast.
For the rest of the post, follow me over to the InspyRomance blog, where you can learn about the Amish/Mennonite village of Pinecraft, Florida.


  1. I just visited Pinecraft for the first time in January. It was a delight! (Of course, helping to judge a pie contest right there was pretty exciting, too. LOL.) It is a captivating little village, and Siesta Key not far from there is past beautiful.

    Wishing you and your new 'baby' all the best, Lynnette.

  2. i really love the idea of a different setting for am amish book and did you ever do that! i would love to read this book, but with an inome of less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability, buying a book is not an option, thank you for a refreshing book. babscorbitt@gmail.com