A Path Made Plain

If you remember Betsy from A Season of Change, you'll know things didn't quite turn out for her like she'd thought they would. But she's firm in her resolve to build a life for herself in Sarasota, away from the bulk of her Amish family in Ohio, yet still under the watchful eye of her Great-Aenti Sarah and her Mennonite Aenti Chelle.

And then, when formerly Amish Thaddeus Zook shows up in Pinecraft, things get pretty interesting for both of them. After culinary school, he became a pastry chef and has worked most of his adult life in restaurants among the Englisch. 

While Betsy nurses a hesitant heart, Thaddeus shows a similar hesitancy about rejoining an Amish community. Though neither can deny the attraction between them, Thaddeus is hiding a past that could threaten their future together. 

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"This is Elizabeth [Betsy] Yoder’s story, and I now have a much better feeling about her, and learned to love her! It is also about Thaddeus Zook and his foot in both cultures, and not feeling he belongs in either." Maureen, via Goodreads 

Lynette Sowell does a very good job of continuing the story of those in Pinecraft. Henry is still doing his construction while Imogene is still taking her pictures. I cannot wait for book 3 to continue and return to their lives. Will Rochelle find love? Why is Emma staying in Pinecraft? Melissa, via Goodreads

“A wonderfully vivid picture of the Amish community in Florida that keeps you on your toes with suspense. Absolutely captivating!”Serena B Miller, RITA and CAROL award-winning author
“Lynette Sowell uses vivid imagery and well-rounded, warm and friendly characters to bring home the Amish community in Pinecraft.”Elizabeth Goddard, award-winning author of Love in the Air, Love on the Slopes and Love in the Wind

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