Come visit Starlight, Texas!

Do you like cowboys and ranchers, and do you have a soft spot for wounded heroes? Do you like all things Texas, like high school football and barbecue? If you do, I hope you'll come with me on a journey to the town of Starlight, Texas--close to Fort Hood. You'll find a kaleidoscope of characters, grizzled veterans, expats from Germany and Korea, strong men and women from all walks of life, who make up a community that sticks together when the going gets tough.

For a limited time, I'm running a mail-order special on my three titles in the Starlight, Texas series. I'll personalize and autograph all three titles and have them mailed to you, or a friend if it's a gift, all for a total of $12, postage paid! (U.S. Only, first class mail)

Here's more about the series and a link to order at the bottom:

Catch A Falling Star
Justine Campbell would gladly rewind her life a few months…back before it crumbled around her like so much gilded plaster. Yet she finds herself back in her hometown, away from the Hollywood spotlight.

Billy Tucker could use a rewind button, too. He’d go back to the day before his humvee hit a landmine in Iraq, injuring himself and killing two of his buddies. It's been a long road back, healing inside and out, and Billy now excels at handcrafting custom made cowboy boots. He has a vision to help veterans like himself, yet struggles with the past.

Billy’s bitterness and Justine’s humiliation make for a prickly pair when they first meet, but can either of them let go of the past long enough to let God make their paths straight again?

Counting on Starlight 
A canceled wedding, an insistent ex-fiancĂ©, a tempting job offer, and California girl Liann Rivers unexpectedly finds her dreams tied up in tiny Starlight, Texas. Except when she arrives, the job isn’t what was promised, the move doesn’t get rid of the pesky ex-fiancĂ©, and her car won’t even run. What’s a girl to do? 

Jake Tucker is tired of being responsible, tired of being the strong tower for his family, and ready to escape Starlight, once and for all. The chance of a lifetime—coaching football at the college level—is finally within reach. Except there’s this new girl in town, and somehow he can’t see himself anywhere without her.

The Sweetheart of Starlight
Tamarind Brown knows Texas barbecue. . .
She also knows how to run a restaurant, even if The Pit is a bit shabby around the edges and needs renovation. Her place is a local favorite in Starlight, Texas. So why is she losing money? 

Rick Mantovani knows pasta. He has a string of successful Italian restaurants on the East Coast, but he wants to conquer barbecue. And the place to prove himself is the heart of Texas. The fact that Starlight is also the home of a beautiful, green-eyed barbecue champion doesn’t hurt.

As their friendship grows, Rick visits Tamarind’s church to do a little business networking. He’s never had time for God or religion, and when tragedy strikes Starlight, Rick finds himself at a crossroads of faith. Why believe in a God who has the power to take away everything?

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