How Does a Facebook Party Work?

Good question -- I'm glad you asked. 

I wasn't sure what that meant before I "went" to a Facebook party. 

So you've received the invitation to the Christmas Bee on Tuesday night, or you heard about it on Facebook or Twitter, and you've clicked the "Join" button. Now what?

Well, now this event will be on your list of events on your Facebook Home page. If you go to your home page, you'll see it listed along with birthdays of your friends this week.

Facebook will remind you (if you have your settings that way) when the party is coming. But, let's go with the assumption that you are beyond excited about our fun chat Tuesday night and you're rarin' to go. Except you just don't know how it works.

On Tuesday night, right before the event starts, go to your Facebook Home page. 

Click on "Events." You'll see the Events link on the left side of the page, two spots below the News link.

Look for the Quilts of Love "Christmas Bee" listing. Click on that.

Voila! -- You're at the party. Start watching the "posts" on the middle of the page. You'll see our moderator, Quilts of Love, start posting questions. Vannetta Chapman, Lisa Carter, and I will also be posting too.

Make sure you have your favorite beverage on hand, and join on in with the conversation.

That's all there is to it. Can't wait to "see" you there!

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